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Review: Sugar Couture

Beardy Husband and I are still exploring a good bit of New York, so on the recent holiday weekend, we had a chance to walk around Brooklyn before a meeting.  Despite the hype about hipster Brooklyn, it wasn’t too different from any quiet piece of New York, although, of course, I found possibly the most […]

Neapolitan Cookies

I have it on good authority (my nanny) that as a child, my favourite after daycare treat was a scoop of Neapolitan ice cream.  I can definitely believe that, as I am still an ice cream addict.  But over the past 20 (well, slightly more than 20), I have become far less of a supporter […]

Blueberry Oreos Cheesecake

It’s a week before Christmas, but for me, the holidays are already here.  As you may have noticed, I’ve taken an extended break from my blog, which I used to finish my PhD! At the moment, I feel a bit numb.  After an extended period where everything was put on hold for a bit to […]

S’more Brownies

The end is near. The end of my PhD is approaching.  Which means that I’m both elated to see the light at the end of the tunnel and unbelievably nervous about making sure that it’s perfect.  I’m doing a lot of back and forth between America and London at the moment – bursts of study […]

Chocolate Chip Cookies and The Cookies and Cups Cookbook

I blame Challenge Sophie.  I’m a big fan of the classes at Sweaty Betty and I attended her 5k run and lecture.  One of her major themes was the importance of showing up and working hard, even if you’re the sweaty person at the back of the run or the class feeling totally overwhelmed trying […]

Cinnamon Rolls Topped with Cinnamon Roll Oreos

I love cinnamon rolls.  I have had to limit how often I make them since they are a definite weakness – and can probably eat an entire pan in about two hours!  One cinnamon roll is allowable, the entire pan leads to an unbelievable sugar high.  So if I’m going to make cinnamon rolls, they […]

Favorite Flavour of Ireland and Brown Soda Bread

Everyone has their own version of childhood comfort food.  While for me, it’s definitely Kraft Macaroni and Cheese (yes, non Americans, I have seen the look on your face when I explain the idea of cheese powder.)  But I love to tease Beardy Husband that, having grown up in pre-globalised Ireland, his ideal food is […]