I don’t really make it to the ultra-trendy Hackney (or as I describe it to my sister, the Brooklyn of London) that much.  It is still a bit out of the way and since I work and study more south-west, it tends to take a bit more time than I have to enjoy delicious baked […]

Anyone familiar with the news this week knows that it’s a bit of a hard time for London – the uncertainty has been very scary, especially for those of us who aren’t British.  I love London, but it’s heart-breaking when friends (from the EU originally or even outside) feel like for the first time, their […]

I reject the idea of seasonal flavours. I get it, I’ve done it myself.  Just the taste of crisp apples reminds me of fall, at Christmas I can’t get enough of peppermint and a red velvet cheesecake or cupcake is the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day, but I reject the idea that certain foods can […]

As part of our quest to see the UK this year, Beardy Husband and I really wanted to make sure we saw Cornwall.  We’ve heard from many people, both friends and family, that it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the UK and well worth a visit – in fact, the popularity of holiday […]

I blame Challenge Sophie.  I’m a big fan of the classes at Sweaty Betty and I attended her 5k run and lecture.  One of her major themes was the importance of showing up and working hard, even if you’re the sweaty person at the back of the run or the class feeling totally overwhelmed trying […]

I don’t think I really understood before I started my PhD the toll that it can take on your life.  I’ve been in school since I was 3 years old and university in Ireland, with its long periods of self study before an exam, is fair preparation for the intensely internal focus of a PhD.  […]

Not being a particular partying person, Miami has never been particularly high on my list of places that I wanted to visit.  But what I didn’t know was the amount of interesting culture in Miami Beach: both the amazingly lovely Art Deco architecture and the food culture, as well as the lifestyle.  Miami has long […]