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Cotton Candy Cookies (and lovely Save the Dates)

I spent last weekend working on my save the date cards.  For those of you who don’t obsessively watch wedding related TV shows, read “tell all” books by celebrity wedding planners or bridal magazines or who have managed to opt out of the more materialistic bits of wedding planning, save the dates are the cards […]

Peppermint Sandwich Cookies and a very Merry Christmas

I’d consider myself pretty middle of the road when it comes to Christmas – I have a playlist of Christmas songs I like, but I do find the all Christmas carols all the time thing right around Christmas day to be incredibly crazy (of course, only in America would you find such gems of Christmas […]

Candy Corn Cookie Bars

It’s a bit of an American cliche to be obsessed with Halloween – but I admit it, I am.  Every year, I buy a good bit of candy and am disappointed when no child actually arrives at my buzzer to trick or treat. So at least I have these amazing cookie bars, made with the […]

A Tale of Two Kitchens

One of the best side effects of blogging (for a lot of people) is that you meet people.  The whole point of food blogging, really, is to share your thoughts with a bunch of other people who love food, love making food and enjoy sharing recipes.  But every once in awhile you meet someone who […]

Mississippi Mud Pie

Today is International Women’s Day.  Working at a charity which supports women who have survived domestic violence, it’s one of the few holidays that we take seriously – both throwing a party for the women and getting to take a day as holiday.  For me, it’s an important opportunity to think about where women have […]

Hot Chocolate Cake Pops

It is COLD in London.  It’s not snowing at the minute (fierce wind and rain), but over the last few weeks, the weather has definitely made me want to curl up in my bed and never leave!  I’ve found that nothing’s better than hot chocolate for when you just need to curl up in bed.  […]

Happy New Years!

Happy New Years Day to everyone out there!  I’m crawling out of bed after a house party in Dublin today and enjoying my last day of holiday before heading back to London.  It’s nice to have a break, relaxing with both my family and then Beardy Boyfriend’s family, and it’ll definitely be a stretch to […]