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Foods of NY Tours: Chelsea Market and the Meatpacking District

My family does not believe in quiet vacations.  You know those people who go on beach vacations and just relax for a week in the sun?  Not our thing.  We are going to see places and do things.  So obviously as a foodie fan, I was super excited when Beardy Mum suggested that we try […]

Review: The Melting Pot, Maple Shade

I have a special geeky knowledge of the Melting Pot, having worked at the Wilmington Melting Pot in high school.  As a result, I’ve eaten  LOT of their fondue in my time and am probably pickier than the average diner when it comes to their menu.  But the Melting Pot in central Philadelphia has recently […]

Bakingbeardy Goes to Venice

Beardy Husband is not the most thoughtful gift giver.  Last year for Christmas, I got an Apple TV.  A useful gift, for sure, but not one I’d been the least bit interested in.  Beardy Husband, of course, had been eyeing it up for months – so obviously an ideal gift.  So when Beardy Husband decided […]

Review: Black and Blue, Notting Hill Gate

“Why on earth did you move to London?”  I get asked a lot.  “America is so exciting, so exotic, and London is so boring!” Right.  Well, since most of those people’s comparison for what life in America is like is what they saw on The OC, Disney World or the one time they took a […]

Review: Dishoom, Kings Cross

When I got married a month ago, I couldn’t have pulled off my wedding without frantic DIY from my amazing bridesmaid team.  They’re such good friends and they were totally dedicated to making the wedding beautiful.  When I noticed spelling errors in some of my place cards, my friend Eleanor tediously wrote out all new […]

Review: Top Dog, Soho

The biggest problem with hanging out with mainly Irish people is how little they get my cravings for American food.  Like macaroni and cheese.  “It’s pasta in cheese powder?” Beardy Bestie Fran will say, making an face.  Maybe it loses something in the description?  Yeah, that must be in.  But with the opening of Five […]

Review: This and That

When we made the turn off towards This and That on Soap Street in Manchester, Beardy Fiance gave me a weird look.  “Are you sure we’re in the right place?” he asked.  “There is no way this is the right street.” I always enjoy a visit to Manchester.  It’s a very different city than London, […]