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Review: Sugar Couture

Beardy Husband and I are still exploring a good bit of New York, so on the recent holiday weekend, we had a chance to walk around Brooklyn before a meeting.  Despite the hype about hipster Brooklyn, it wasn’t too different from any quiet piece of New York, although, of course, I found possibly the most […]

Review: The White Dog Cafe, Philadelphia

As a food blogger, I probably have a slightly different view of being a “foodie.”  So when, on a trip to Philadelphia to meet family friends, they told me that the White Dog Cafe was a foodie kind of place, I was envisioning something like El Bulli!  But what they meant was that it was […]

Review: The Violet Bakery, Hackney

I don’t really make it to the ultra-trendy Hackney (or as I describe it to my sister, the Brooklyn of London) that much.  It is still a bit out of the way and since I work and study more south-west, it tends to take a bit more time than I have to enjoy delicious baked […]

Delicious Kernow Trail

As part of our quest to see the UK this year, Beardy Husband and I really wanted to make sure we saw Cornwall.  We’ve heard from many people, both friends and family, that it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the UK and well worth a visit – in fact, the popularity of holiday […]

Miami Beach Food

Not being a particular partying person, Miami has never been particularly high on my list of places that I wanted to visit.  But what I didn’t know was the amount of interesting culture in Miami Beach: both the amazingly lovely Art Deco architecture and the food culture, as well as the lifestyle.  Miami has long […]

Food Tours in Athens

I’ve been in Europe for years and years now, but it can still be difficult to remember that London isn’t that far away from so many interesting places.  Not to mention that it can be easy to be stuck in the now, rather than planning all the places we’d like to go. Athens has been […]

Review: Pizza Union, Kings’ Cross

I have been, rightly, accused of being very cheap.  It’s true, I’m not a fan of spending money.  I’m the person who photographs all my grocery receipts for a pence, loves a coupon and will answer a million surveys for money from Amazon.  So when Beardy Bestie Fran suggested that we try some places she […]