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Byron Cookbook and Courgette Fries

When I first moved to London, I definitely missed American hamburgers.  Having grown up on Jake’s Burgers, there was nothing more frustrating than when I would describe how much I missed American burgers – “but there’s loads of McDonalds around?” a baffled Irish person would tell me.  No, not the same thing, at all.  So […]

Review: Top Dog, Soho

The biggest problem with hanging out with mainly Irish people is how little they get my cravings for American food.  Like macaroni and cheese.  “It’s pasta in cheese powder?” Beardy Bestie Fran will say, making an face.  Maybe it loses something in the description?  Yeah, that must be in.  But with the opening of Five […]

Review: This and That

When we made the turn off towards This and That on Soap Street in Manchester, Beardy Fiance gave me a weird look.  “Are you sure we’re in the right place?” he asked.  “There is no way this is the right street.” I always enjoy a visit to Manchester.  It’s a very different city than London, […]

Review: Root to Leaf

I’m welcoming my favourite guest poster back again, Beardy Mum!  As you can see from the review, there’s a reason this review was a bit of a family project – this is definitely a cookbook I’ll be saving to pass onto future family members! Beardy Baker’s dad has some amazing cousins all of  whose names […]

The Hundred-Foot Journey and Beef Bourguignon à la Hassan

As a food lover, it’s pretty exciting to see that food movies are becoming more and more of a thing.  The latest contribution is The Hundred-Foot Journey, directed by Lasse Hallstrom, whose previous food-related films include Chocolat.  The Hundred-Foot Journey follows young refugee Hassan (Manish Dayal) whose family has fled from the politically-motivated destruction of […]

Pizza Express Autumn and Christmas Menu

There is nothing less quintessentially British than Pizza Express.  A staple of the British high street, it’s pretty much an easy, friendly place to bring a group of friends for a meal.  I admit that when my vegetarian sister comes to visit, it’s definitely a go-to since I know that Beardy Fiance can get his […]

Haute Dog buns

“Why would you devote a whole cookbook to hot dogs?” Beardy Fiance asked, the first time I told him about Russell van Kraayenburg’s new cookbook, Haute Dogs.  Once he had a look at the cookbook, though, he understood.  Van Kraayenburg makes no secret of his hot dog obsession – he has enjoyed at least one […]