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Ice Cream & Other Frozen Delights (like lemon sorbet)

I have been having a lot of discussions about ice cream lately.  Probably the most heated was with my in-laws.  “Ireland has such great dairy”, I told them, “why are there not more ice cream parlours, where they convert the dairy they produce onsite to ice cream?”  They had two particular theories – the first […]

Ices and Ice Cream: Salted Caramel Ripple Ice Cream

Despite the size of London, there is one thing that it’s missing: a good ice cream parlor.  Maybe it’s because I grew up about five minutes away from The Woodside Farm Creamery, but there is something absolutely amazing about homemade ice cream, five minutes away from dairy cows, that just blows any other ice cream […]

Taste of Summer: Fudgesicles

I am constantly weirded out by London seasons.  On Easter, it was snowing.  A month later, we seem to be having our summer.  (Summer never comes in July here, only in weird times like March or October.)  So while it is nice, I try to take the opportunity to eat the warm weather food that […]

Andes Mint Chip Ice Cream

I’ve said previously that I’m a big fan of ice cream.  In fact, when we had a lot of snow in London last week, I celebrated with a big bowl of chocolate chip cookie dough (perfect wintery day food, right?)  But this ice cream…  Not to brag, but Beardy Mum called this  “the best ice […]