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Chocolate-Dipped M&M Shortbread

I think the easiest way to add a bit of festive colouring for holidays is to pop in some seasonal M&Ms (there are different colours for different holidays) and I have definitely been guilty of this lazy way to make easy treats seasonal. I love shortbread – it’s quick, easy and the real trick is […]

Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake with Red Velvet Bites

I think for a lot of bakers, holidays are about the sweets – I know for me, I’m eager to find any thinly veiled excuse to bake for my friends and family.  This year, I’m already prepared: with Valentine’s Day cards already bought and ready to be sent, all I need are some lovely, sinful, […]

Valentine’s Day Peanut Butter Bars

I was browsing in my local Target this year just before New Year’s Eve and I admit, I started laughing when I realised that the staff had hastily dispatched the Christmas stuff in favour of starting Valentine’s Day – they do not miss a trick. So of course I was happy to find some peanut […]

Pink Lemonade Crinkle Cookies (with a Pink Lemonade Glaze)

I came back to London armed with a cute little set of the Valentine’s Day cards that American children give out to their friends in school.  This is apparently a purely American concept – the reason I can’t find them here is that apparently in London, Valentine’s Day is simply a romantic holiday, rather than […]

Minty Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies

I love playing with candy.  It’s probably a weakness, but I have so much fun with it.  Nothing makes me happier than being able to throw in some M&Ms or Oreos and this time, I decided to use some Mint Creme Hershey Kisses.  This is an easy recipe, if a sticky one, so could easily […]

Chocolate Merengue Pie

Valentine’s Day is basically the day where anyone who has ever baked decides to give it another go.  After all, how hard can it be to whip up a little something to show your love and affection?  London’s Hummingbird Bakery has said it’s their busiest day of the year, showing that some people settle for […]

Red Velvet Whoopie Pies

I really wouldn’t consider myself a Valentine’s Day person.   At all.  I’m the cynical person who goes on rants about how the entire holiday was created by Hallmark and the chocolate companies to sell stuff.  I tend to spend it with Beardy Bestie Fran (and I can’t even go into how heartbreaking it’s going to […]