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Double Pumpkin Cookies

I am a tad bit embarrassed of my love of pumpkin food in November.  Let’s be honest, it’s a total cliche.  Especially since I’m an American (and Irish mockery of American pumpkin obsession is legendary.)  But still, when I was in the US, I was constantly searching for pumpkin-based products to bring home.  Not everything […]

Candy Corn Cookie Bars

It’s a bit of an American cliche to be obsessed with Halloween – but I admit it, I am.  Every year, I buy a good bit of candy and am disappointed when no child actually arrives at my buzzer to trick or treat. So at least I have these amazing cookie bars, made with the […]

Pumpkin Spice Cookie Bars

Probably my favourite treat growing up was my mum’s 7 layer bars.  I haven’t shared that recipe yet – I’m saving it for a very special occasion, but I was inspired by Love from the Oven‘s variation on this classic treat (she’s really demonstrated how highly adaptable it is) and when I was able to […]

Candy Corn Oreo Sandwiches

It would not be unfair to say I fairly heavily pressured my mother into picking some of these up.  She and my father were coming over for my birthday and I dropped heavy hints (sending her the Target page, dropping hints about how delicious they are) in order to get her to bring me over […]

Campfire Cuisine and Maple Syrup Scones

I should start with the strong disclaimer that I am SO not a camper.  I’m not even really a festival-goer.  Most of my workmates love to go to festivals and speak of them with a lot of affection – they tend to gloss over the long queues for the toilets, lack of showers and spending […]

Pumpkin Spice Mallow Cookies

I was always under the impression that Halloween season started on the 1st of October – but not according to the shops!  Halloween pretty much started in August. It was very disappointing that my passport had to be renewed and so, sadly, I wasn’t able to go home for my birthday this year (which falls […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pumpkins

I love Reeses Peanut Cups in all of its varying incarnations, but I think it’s lovely how they do special Reeses peanut butter for the holidays (eggs for Easter, pumpkins for Halloween and trees for Christmas.)  I bought this peanut butter egg from my favourite American candy shop Cybercandy and it was amazing.  So it […]