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Happy Easter and Chocolate (lots of chocolate…)

So what is everyone else up to this weekend?  I find that the four day Easter weekend is perfectly placed to allow me to catch up on all the spring cleaning and some homework that I’ve gotten behind on.  Not to mention blogging and baking (a girl’s gotta have some hobbies!) I’ve also been totally […]

Chocolate Marshmallow Peeps Cupcakes

Is it wrong to admit the only thing that got me up this morning was thinking about the 4 day weekend which starts on Friday?  It’s actually going to be four days of just me and that cat since Beardy Fiance is home in Ireland for a few days.  I’ll probably meet up with my […]

Carrot Cake Brownies

I am on a bit of a detox this week.  Laugh all you want (as trust me, I’m not a traditional diet person), but I’m just really trying to end this semi-permanent bloat that I’ve been feeling lately.  So this week, we’ve been cutting out dairy, gluten, caffeine, meat and really anything which could be […]