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Delaware Night and Outsider Tart: A Giveaway

Yes, it is.  It’s another post about Outsider Tart – “yet again?”  I hear you say.  But this little wonder in Chiswick just keeps surprising me…. And this time, it’s their Route 66 event.  Every Saturday night for the next 52 weeks (in alphabetical order), Outsider Tart is doing a menu inspired by the cuisine […]

Carrot Cake and a Giveaway

I tend to be opposed to the concept of carrot cake – it’s all veg (and I am ethically opposed to veg).  But one of my co-workers (a healthy lifestyle vegetarian, of course) requested a carrot cake for her leaving do. Obviously, as a good little co-worker, I had to oblige!  So I adapted the […]

Giveaway: Blogiversary and Beardy Engagement

A few weeks ago, I received an email from WordPress telling me that I’ve been blogging for over a year – which means that it’s my first blogiversary!  It’s a crazy feeling – it feels both like I just started blogging and like I’ve been doing it forever.  My blog has been one of the […]