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November Foodie Penpals

This month, I received a lovely wrapped present from Rebecca, an Australian living in Kerry, Ireland.  I’ve blogged before about my adopted homeland, so it was really nice to get a package from there!  Not only that, but she really made an effort to personalise this one for my love of baking.  Is that not […]

Happy belated Halloween (and October Food Penpals)

I’m blogging a bit belatedly today, owning to general work craziness as well as a flurry of Halloween baking!  But I was really excited to show you the chocolate covered mummy pretzels that I made for my friend Fran’s birthday/Halloween party. I love chocolate covered pretzels and would make them for pretty much every occasion […]

August Foodie Penpals and Chocolate Pudding!

I love Foodie Penpals.  I’m serious.  It makes my month.  From finding out who my penpal is, to crafting the perfect box, to opening the box that arrives at the end of the month… I love it.  Of course, if I try to outdo myself every month, this might get bigger and bigger (stop me […]

July Foodie Penpal and Peppermint Cupcakes

This month, I received my first foodie penpal package from the lovely Avril at Conkertree.  She included a whole range of goodies!  In the back, you can see the homemade strawberry jam (a favourite of Beardy boyfriend’s), tomato chutney (really excited to try with some brie!) and peppermint tea.  In front of that are some […]