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The Hundred-Foot Journey and Beef Bourguignon à la Hassan

As a food lover, it’s pretty exciting to see that food movies are becoming more and more of a thing.  The latest contribution is The Hundred-Foot Journey, directed by Lasse Hallstrom, whose previous food-related films include Chocolat.  The Hundred-Foot Journey follows young refugee Hassan (Manish Dayal) whose family has fled from the politically-motivated destruction of […]

What If and Chocolate Chip Cookies

The ad that I saw for What If described it as the best romantic comedy since 500 Days of Summer: unfortunately, What If has nothing of the humour and insight of 500 Days of Summer and in addition to being a bad mood, buys into some fairly horrible cultural narratives.  But at least it makes […]

Malificent and Creme de Menthe Swiss Roll

My favourite Disney villain as a child was far and away Maleficent.  The villain of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, there was always something about her – her dignity, her grace, her sly-sense of humour – this was a woman without self-doubt or pity who enjoyed her role as “Mistress of all Evil.”  It seems I wasn’t […]

Chef and Beignets

Actor and director Jon Favreau has not been quiet about describing his new film Chef as having a strong relationship to his own life – starting as an indie director in such classics as Swingers and eventually becoming involved in big budget productions, most famously the Iron Man series.  Favreau has mentioned in interviews that […]

The Other Woman and Chocolate Strawberry Brownies

There’s been a lot of discussion and debate about The Other Woman – the movie has presented itself as a revenge comedy about strong women, but has frustrated a lot of women due to its inability to even pass the Bechdel Test.  The plot is pretty basic – lawyer Carly (Cameron Diaz) is delighted with […]

Divergent and Lemonade Bars

I’ve always suspected that scifi and fantasy were the best places for strong female characters – from Arya Stark in Game of Thrones to Katniss Everdeen – with the exception of the horrible vampire romance which will not be named, placing women in a world without the same boundaries we experience, or having to overcome […]

Noah and Vegan Chocolate Orange Cake

I was on a train the day after the London premiere of Noah when I overheard a journalist who attended the premiere describe it as “very biblical.”  No kidding – I could have told him that after seeing the trailer!  After having seen the movie, I can confirm that there is indeed echoes of “swords […]