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Neapolitan Cookies

I have it on good authority (my nanny) that as a child, my favourite after daycare treat was a scoop of Neapolitan ice cream.  I can definitely believe that, as I am still an ice cream addict.  But over the past 20 (well, slightly more than 20), I have become far less of a supporter […]

Tanya Bakes and Chocolate Chip Shortbread

I am a bit of a nerd.  This I definitely know.  I was probably doomed from the age of 5, at which point Star Trek became my favourite TV show.  I had my own uniform and communicator.  I have strong views about the political system of Star Wars.  My biggest regret from my wedding is […]

S’more Brownies

The end is near. The end of my PhD is approaching.  Which means that I’m both elated to see the light at the end of the tunnel and unbelievably nervous about making sure that it’s perfect.  I’m doing a lot of back and forth between America and London at the moment – bursts of study […]

Chocolate Chip Cookies and The Cookies and Cups Cookbook

I blame Challenge Sophie.  I’m a big fan of the classes at Sweaty Betty and I attended her 5k run and lecture.  One of her major themes was the importance of showing up and working hard, even if you’re the sweaty person at the back of the run or the class feeling totally overwhelmed trying […]

Chocolate and Caramel Blossoms

Bloggers definitely get obsessions.  I can think of bloggers who discovered macarons and cinnamon rolls and then repeatedly made variations on a theme.  Think about it – when you find a recipe that you love, you’re excited to make it over and over again for people (are you sure you don’t want another batch of […]

Chocolate Toffee Cookies

I think, from an unofficial poll of my friends, that I am not the only person who finds January and February to be a long stretch.  Christmas is over and all that’s left is the rain, wind and super short days.  Is spring almost here yet?  And there’s not even a snowstorm to make me […]

Cookies and Cream Blossoms

I say it every year, but it’s so true – the beginning of January can be super depressing.  My cat, McNulty, has no interest at all is doing anything but curling up in a ball and staying warm (under the radiator, on the couch, on the bed) – he doesn’t have much motivation to be […]