About Me

Hello!  I’m Nick – welcome to Baking Beardy!


My blogging tale starts in London – after living in Dublin for five years (followed by a year in Edinburgh), my then-boyfriend, now-fiance asked me to move to London to be with him.  It was my first time living in a proper apartment with a tiny, but working and only slightly disgusting kitchen, and so I got back into the baking that I had loved as a teenager.

I’m a PhD student who also works in the charity sector, so baking became my way of relaxing at the end of a long and busy day.  As an expat in London, there have definitely been days when I would trade anything for a bag of peanut butter chips – but that’s life, it is what it is, and frequent trips to see my family in the US helps.  But the main reason I started the blog is because I love to bake and love to eat – I see Bakingbeardy as a conversation and I love to hear about what other people are eating, reading or baking!

I can be reached on nick@bakingbeardy.com or on Facebook.  I also tweet (far too much) at @bakingbeardy, instagram at bakingbeardy and as of recently, am selling cake plates on etsy.


These are the questions I get asked most often about my blogging.

How do you not weigh 20 stone when you bake so much?

I have a rule against getting high on my own supply – so that almost all of the food I bake gets given away, whether to friends, colleagues or to other people I know.  This does mean that what I have saved in weight, I have paid out in postal fees, but I consider that a fairly decent trade!

Can you bake me something?

Yes!  I absolutely bake by request for friends and family and I’m happy to discuss doing so for you.  Just pop me an email at nick@bakingbeardy.com

Can you review my cookbook or product?

One of the main reasons I got into blogging was so that I could share the products and recipes I love with other people – so similarly, I’m always happy to try products and offer my opinion.  If interested, please email me at nick@bakingbeardy.com.

What is a Beardy Boyfriend Weekly Building Bake?

Beardy Fiance works for a building company and once a week, meets with all of the site managers to discuss the projects they’re all working on.  I provide a sweet treat for their meetings every week, which has led to specific recipes being made on the premise that they would be lovely with a nice cup of tea.  Beardy Fiance is also Irish, and the distinction between the traditional Irish foods he loves and the American ones I grew up eating often causes confusion when dinnertime comes around.

Where do you get your American food?

America.  Beardy mum has been sent on far too many trips to Walmart – she’s incredibly good to me!  But when I’m in the US, I stock up on baking goods, or I ask friends or family to send stuff to me (love is willingness to hunt down carrot cake M&Ms!)  In London, I frequently patronise Outsider Tart, the USA Food Store and Whole Foods.


  1. Congratulations, you are now a Super Sweet Blogger:) See my post to pick up your award:) http://theperkypoppy.com/2013/03/13/importeditaliantunabeansaladsupersweetbloggeraward/

  2. Came across your blog on IFBA’S site. Looking forward to seeing more, first impressions are very good though 🙂

  3. Hi there. Your blog is great! So lovely to be in touch x

  4. Oh blimey, I need to adopt your rule and start giving away EVERYTHING I bake!!

    Great blog, I’m delighted to have found it xx

  5. I love your photos!

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