Review: Sugar Couture

Beardy Husband and I are still exploring a good bit of New York, so on the recent holiday weekend, we had a chance to walk around Brooklyn before a meeting.  Despite the hype about hipster Brooklyn, it wasn’t too different from any quiet piece of New York, although, of course, I found possibly the most hipster place on the block.

Sugar Couture is a really cute little bakery, which was a great place to relax on a sunny New York afternoon.  I will warn you not to arrive with a full bladder (no toilet facilities), but it’s a really cute open space to sit and dream with a cup of tea and a cupcake.

It was a quiet afternoon (most of the city had emptied out for Good Friday), but the sun and breezes made it lovely and cozy.

The cupcakes were tasty and a perfect size for a sweet treat before dinner.  I loved the vanilla with chocolate frosting and Beardy Husband was a fan of the red velvet.

It’s a sweet spot and if you’re looking for a relaxing time in Williamsburg, I’d recommend it.


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