Review: The White Dog Cafe, Philadelphia

As a food blogger, I probably have a slightly different view of being a “foodie.”  So when, on a trip to Philadelphia to meet family friends, they told me that the White Dog Cafe was a foodie kind of place, I was envisioning something like El Bulli!  But what they meant was that it was a local farm to table restaurant focusing on fresh Pennsylvania produce.  So I was excited to try their cozy location in a brownstone in University City, with the roomy boothes and kitschy illustrations of dogs.

White DogThere was an incredibly array of appetisers, including the delicious fresh bread, meat plate and mussels.  I loved the mussels (although I’m obsessed with seafood.  I’d rather eat steamed clams than just about anything.)  These mussels were particularly well seasoned and cooked.

AppetiserI love a good steak, so went for the steak frites.  Cooked to a perfect medium rare, the paprika butter added a beautiful note of spice.

Steak fritesI was told the salmon and the trout were cooked beautifully and seemed freshly caught.

Trout 2Salmoln

But for me, the best piece was definitely the desserts.  We had two to share: the s’more mousse and the homemade ice cream sandwich.  The ice cream sandwich used mint ice cream and you could absolutely taste that the mint flavour had been added through scalding cream rather than artificial flavours.  It was delectable, and definitely worthy of anyone with a sweet tooth (like me.)

DessertsThe White Dog Cafe is a great place in University City for anyone looking for fresh, seasonal meals, or particularly, amazing desserts.

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