S’more Brownies

The end is near.

The end of my PhD is approaching.  Which means that I’m both elated to see the light at the end of the tunnel and unbelievably nervous about making sure that it’s perfect.  I’m doing a lot of back and forth between America and London at the moment – bursts of study and work and some political volunteering and trying to get ready for a post-PhD world.  It’s definitely a time of transition and figuring out what’s next.  I’m feeling a bit exhausted and probably not helping that my spare time has been doing things like climbing Mt Snowdon with my friends!  I’m in a little bit of a whirlwind at the moment.

Luckily, we’ve had the best weather I’ve seen in ages, so I’m trying to take advantage of it to head out into the lovely sunshine.  Vitamin D and some ice cream are fairly essential when you’re trying to keep going.

End of tripThis recipe was inspired by a bag of crispy M&Ms I found in my local supermarket.  I am generally not partial to crispy M&Ms (all about the peanut butter ones for me), but I liked the idea of s’more flavoured M&Ms.  I can’t really identity the s’more flavour (it’s a bit of a deeper chocolate flavour to represent the marshmallow influences), but it was a great centrepiece for these easy brownies.

S’more Brownies (adapted from my friend, The Velvet Moon Baker)


175g milk chocolate

175g unsalted butter

3 eggs

250g caster sugar

75g plain flour

40g cocoa powder

A bag of crispy s’more M&Ms (to taste)

Mini marshmallows (to taste)

Crumbled vanilla graham crackers (to taste)


Melt together butter and chocolate.

Melt butter and chocolateFold in sugar and unsalted butter.

Fold in sugar and eggsSift in plain flour and cocoa powder.

Sift in plain flour and cocoa powder

Mix in M&Ms and marshmallows.

Mix in M&Ms and marshmallowsMix in crumbled graham crackers.

Mix in crumbled graham crackers

Place batter in lined brownie pan.

Place batter in lined panBake at 180C for approximately one hour.

S'more Brownie


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