Delicious Kernow Trail

As part of our quest to see the UK this year, Beardy Husband and I really wanted to make sure we saw Cornwall.  We’ve heard from many people, both friends and family, that it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the UK and well worth a visit – in fact, the popularity of holiday homes in Cornwall for other UK residents has led to a lot of controversy regarding the balance between visitors and year-round residents.  We wanted a chance to see Cornwall in a slightly different way, and so when I read about the Delicious Kernow Trail – a hiking food tour, I thought it sounded like a great idea, particularly as we’re currently training to climb Mount Snowdon.

Trail scenery 1

Based in Padstow and the surrounding countryside, the run involves miles of trail runs broken up by stops in order to sample local Cornish food.  It’s not particularly heavy food – things like pieces of sausage, fudge, bits of salmon and of course tea – lots of tea, but it definitely gave us insight into a the local food of Cornwall in a way that wouldn’t have been possible if we were simply exploring Cornwall on our own.  I will say, though, that I’m deeply skeptical of this as a timed run.  It was definitely off trail (at times way off trail) wading through the mud.  I fell straight into the mud around mile 2 and there were no marshals to be seen (including when we were climbing over fences and wading through the mud.)  I suppose it would be fine if you were quite familiar with the terrain, but I know for myself and Beardy Husband, it was a much easier time once we relaxed and stopped trying to beat the clock and just focused on enjoying the hike.

Trail scenery 2

My favourite food on the trail was definitely the fudge – I absolutely loved the caramel sea salt fudge from Buttermilk, a local Padstow fudge company.  It was delicious and I love that they’re willing to ship it in the UK – although probably not great for me, as I’ll be tempted to eat it all at once!

Buttermilk fudge 2

Beardy Husband absolutely loved the salmon from Tregida Smokehouse – he had three helpings (while I attempted to remove my muddy socks and shoes long enough to bandage my blisters) and declared it the best salmon he’d ever eaten – strong praise from an Irishman!


I also tried my first cream tea at Prideaux Place – I officially adore Cornish clotted cream.

Cream tea

The weather was definitely a bit difficult, but it was really worth a visit to the beautiful coast of North Cornwall and this foodie trip was an amazing way to see the rural scenery and try the delicious food!

Padstow cliffs


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