Miami Beach Food

Not being a particular partying person, Miami has never been particularly high on my list of places that I wanted to visit.  But what I didn’t know was the amount of interesting culture in Miami Beach: both the amazingly lovely Art Deco architecture and the food culture, as well as the lifestyle.  Miami has long been the entrance to Latin America, and so reflects the incredibly mix of cultures which gather nearby.  It’s also worth noting how lovely it was to hang out in the beautiful weather – after a harsh winter, it was great to just relax and do sunrise yoga on the beach.

Art deco architecture

If you’re staying for any length of time, I would definitely recommend the Miami Culinary Food Tour – my family and I aren’t really familiar with south American food and we wanted a guide to the variety of food in South Beach.  I loved trying empanadas and cerviche and other foods that I wouldn’t have been familiar with – it also pointed me towards some delicious places to have dinner while in Miami Beach.

Bolivar Restaurant and Lounge

I was paticularly excited to try the empanadas at the Naked Taco.  Embarassingly enough, Beardy Husband and I have one special reality TV show guilty pleasure – Vanderpump Rules.  In one episode, they go to Miami and visit the Naked Taco – I believe one cast member peeks at another cast member’s phone while she’s in the bathroom.  Auspicious doings there aside, the food is absolutely delicious, Mexican with a modern twist.  I could have eaten many more of those empanadas!

Naked TacosMy mum loved the Cuban food at Gloria’s restaurant, Larios.  Apparently, she has a long family history in the restaurant industry and producing food.  It was absolutely delicious, although we laughed to find it a bit of an over the top atmosphere (promoting the next Estefan projects, of course), I’m not sure I’d want to be seated in front of the massive painting of Emilion Estefan!  I did love the music sculpture which hangs in the lobby, though – absolutely beautiful work using instruments which were actually used by various Latin artists.

Larios foodLarios sculpture

I had heard that the desserts at Prime 112 in Miami Beach were absolutely delicious – we decided to stop by to try one for a mid-afternoon snack, but found they were closed between lunch and dinner service.  So we snuck across the street to Prime Italian and found they did indeed have homemade ho hos on the menu, which they were serving – it was the most delicious indulgent dessert I had eaten in a long time, with a liquid chocolate shell, fresh cream and an accompaniment of vanilla ice cream and toasted marshmallow.  I am still dreaming about that hoho!

Homemade HoHo

Miami Beach was a great vacation spot and I absolutely loved the relaxing beach vibe – and the amazing South American food.  I’d definitely recommend it to anyone interested in a Latin American foodie experience.

More art deco architeture

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