Review: Pizza Union, Kings’ Cross

I have been, rightly, accused of being very cheap.  It’s true, I’m not a fan of spending money.  I’m the person who photographs all my grocery receipts for a pence, loves a coupon and will answer a million surveys for money from Amazon.  So when Beardy Bestie Fran suggested that we try some places she had read about as being both delicious and inexpensive, I was super excited.

I work quite near Pizza Union in Liverpool Street and have had trouble resisting the delicious smells of their oven baked pizzas.  So on Friday, I headed out to meet my friends at Kings Cross and eat some pizza.

Pizza UnionThe place was bustling on a Friday evening, but I definitely got the sense that it would be packed at lunch (a sign noted that only 4 people would be sold per person at lunchtime.)  The menu is definitely specialised – all pizza, with some drinks and desserts as accompaniment.

Pizza menuWe ordered our pizzas and while the restaurant was constantly buzzing, the food took about five minutes to cook and we had enough elbow room to eat comfortably.  Plus, did I mention how delicious it was?

Funghi pizza

We had a bit more time, so we opted for desserts as well.  My salted caramel gelato was amazing, a nice mix of milky, salty and crunchy.  I tried Fran’s pistachio and it was less sweet, but with a nice depth of flavour to the pistachios.

GelatoIt was actually a really lovely, relaxed Friday night right in central London.  I’d really recommend this for someone on a budget craving authentic Italian-style pizza.


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