Monthly Archives: January 2016

Foods of NY Tours: Chelsea Market and the Meatpacking District

My family does not believe in quiet vacations.  You know those people who go on beach vacations and just relax for a week in the sun?  Not our thing.  We are going to see places and do things.  So obviously as a foodie fan, I was super excited when Beardy Mum suggested that we try […]

Review: Sea Salt Sweet and Ale and Pretzel Soft Caramels

I was listening to a podcast the other day, Heather Dubrow’s World (don’t judge me, I’m obsessed with it.)  And in one episode, she was talking about seeing these amazing ideas for bakes on Pinterest and thinking “I am never going to be able to recreate that at home.  Never ever.”  And I definitely get […]

Cookies and Cream Blossoms

I say it every year, but it’s so true – the beginning of January can be super depressing.  My cat, McNulty, has no interest at all is doing anything but curling up in a ball and staying warm (under the radiator, on the couch, on the bed) – he doesn’t have much motivation to be […]