Monthly Archives: October 2015

Double Pumpkin Cookies

I am a tad bit embarrassed of my love of pumpkin food in November.  Let’s be honest, it’s a total cliche.  Especially since I’m an American (and Irish mockery of American pumpkin obsession is legendary.)  But still, when I was in the US, I was constantly searching for pumpkin-based products to bring home.  Not everything […]

Bakingbeardy Goes to Venice

Beardy Husband is not the most thoughtful gift giver.  Last year for Christmas, I got an Apple TV.  A useful gift, for sure, but not one I’d been the least bit interested in.  Beardy Husband, of course, had been eyeing it up for months – so obviously an ideal gift.  So when Beardy Husband decided […]

Grandbaby Cakes and Cinnamon Roll Poundcake

I am now deeply regretting that I was not familiar with Jocelyn Delk Adams’ blog, Grandbaby Cakes.  It’s an incredibly indulgent cake about the recipes handed down from her grandmother.  While my grandmother is from Western North Carolina rather than Mississippi, it’s definitely reminiscent of the cake recipes which have been passed down from my […]