Monthly Archives: January 2015

Dark Chocolate Bundt Cake with Red Velvet Bites

I think for a lot of bakers, holidays are about the sweets – I know for me, I’m eager to find any thinly veiled excuse to bake for my friends and family.  This year, I’m already prepared: with Valentine’s Day cards already bought and ready to be sent, all I need are some lovely, sinful, […]

Milburn’s Orchards

Last summer, Beardy Fiance and I tried to pick our own fruit.  It was a lot of fun (and netted us some really delicious fruit), but it’s definitely a lot less of an appealing option in January drizzle than in August sunshine.  So when I was visiting Delaware, I was excited to take a fruit […]

Dessert Mash Ups and Cake Blondies

I’ve constantly amazed by how many bloggers are writing amazing, popular cookbooks at the minute.  Obviously it’s not that surprising – the ability to write a great recipe and take cool photos are useful skills both in blogging and in putting together the kind of cookbook that anyone can follow.  So I’m not surprised that […]

White Chocolate and Lavender Fudge

Unfortunately, it was  rough week in the Beardy household.  When we were over in Ireland, unfortunately, Beardy Fiance’s grandmother passed away.  It was a tough time for him – she had lived with his family while they were growing up and he was quite close to her.  It led to a fairly long and emotional […]