Review: Nanban, Market House

I have travelled throughout London to attend pop ups and annoyingly, they all seem to be in east London.  Darn you, trendy people who are off enjoying your coolness in the most hipster part of London.  I, of course, live in the less trendy, more family oriented part of London filled with red brick houses owned by people clever enough to buy before the London suburbs swallowed up everything to the M25 and lots of other young immigrant families like us.  So it’s always cool to remember that, not far away, is the vibrant, cool feel of modern Brixton.  Best known by non-Londoners as the centre of unrest aimed at racial discrimination (or inspiring Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue), within London, it’s well known as the first destination for any cool food trends.

So when I heard that MasterChef winner Tim Anderson was doing a pop up in advance of his new cookbook, Nanban, I was quite curious to give it a try.  So since it was only ten minutes away, I was able to drag Beardy Fiance out after work to the Market House on Coldharbour Lane for an early dinner.


We started with the basic chicken starter.  I love, love fried chicken as an American and this didn’t disappoint.  I could quite happily have gotten several helpings of the chicken and had a perfect meal.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFor the main course, I went with the curry yaki udon, which had a sweet light curry sauce, blended well with the Japanese mayo, on top of noodles and vegetables.  There was quite a bit of noodles, which I love because I’m a noodle person, but if you’re not a noodle person, it might not be the dish for you.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABeardy Fiance went with the Brown Stew Chicken Ramen – he was definitely in the mood for more chicken after the delicious fried version.  I’m not a fan of eggs, but Beardy Fiance enjoys them, so this soup and noodles dish was a success with him.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe pop up uses a lot of food from his upcoming cookbook, Nanban, and has me quite excited for the book – it looks delicious.  I also love the idea that there’s a rotating menu of pop ups at Market House, so will definitely be back for an easy Brixton-based meal.



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