Ice Cream Bark

According to conventional wisdom, it’s starting to be a bit cold for ice cream (myself and Beardy Fiance will probably be drinking some pumpkin spice lattes on our way to visit the British Museum today.)  While I never find it too cold, I accept that other people would probably give me a bit of a look if I gave them some homemade ice cream at the minute.  But I felt like experimenting with ice cream flavours and since I happened to have both Ice Cream Cone Marshmallows and Banana Split Oreos in the house (and a supply of chocolate bark at the bottom of the cabinet), I thought I’d use the American classic of chocolate bark.  Beardy Fiance was rather skeptical, but at the end of it, he called this the best thing I had made in months.  Always a good sign!

Ice Cream Bark


12 ounces chocolate almond bark

12 ounces vanilla bark

1 bag of 8 ounces ice cream marshmallows

1 bag of Banana Split Oreos

IngredientsMelt the chocolate bark and spread it over a lined baking sheet (make sure it’s one with raised sides)

Melt the chocolate bark Spread the chocolate bark over the baking sheetMelt and spread the vanilla bark on top of the chocolate bark.

Melt and spread the vanilla barkCrush up the Oreos.

Crush the OreosGently push the Oreos and marshmallows into the vanilla.

Gently push the Oreos and marshmallows into the vanillaAllow to set, then break into small pieces.

Ice Cream BarkPure Neapolitan goodness!


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