Monthly Archives: October 2014

Vanilla Bark

Apparently bark is not a thing in Ireland.  When I made the ice cream bark a couple weeks ago, Beardy Fiance was shocked and delighted that such a thing existed and immediately demanded more.  So I racked my brain as to how I could put a slightly different twist on things.  All I could think […]

Review: Nanban, Market House

I have travelled throughout London to attend pop ups and annoyingly, they all seem to be in east London.  Darn you, trendy people who are off enjoying your coolness in the most hipster part of London.  I, of course, live in the less trendy, more family oriented part of London filled with red brick houses […]

Peek-a-Boo Cakes and Pink Heart Cake

As anyone who has ever gone through a cake decorating class knows well, it’s not enough to be able to whip up delicious cakes if there’s nothing particularly exciting about how they look.  But I love the idea of a cake which looks ordinary on the outside and once open, has a sweet surprise.  This […]

Ice Cream Bark

According to conventional wisdom, it’s starting to be a bit cold for ice cream (myself and Beardy Fiance will probably be drinking some pumpkin spice lattes on our way to visit the British Museum today.)  While I never find it too cold, I accept that other people would probably give me a bit of a […]