Monthly Archives: August 2014

Wicked Cupcakes and Frog Cupcakes

We have rather eclectic taste in reality tv shows here at Casa Beardy.  Most of it is watched purely by one member of the family – my distaste for the bumbling protagonists of shows like Gold Rush and Deadliest Catch, Beardy Fiance does not want to be in the room when I’m watching Teen Mom […]

Black and White Cheesecake

I get asked a lot what my biggest inspiration is for my baking.  And the reality is: nothing inspires me as much as the need to use up some yummy American sweets I found.  Now, I have a bad habit of stockpiling my cache of interesting ingredients.  I’m particularly bad for this when I’m in […]

Magnum Pop Up, Selfridges

I’ve had to adjust my tastes to the slightly different ice creams available in the UK.  Without my beloved fudgesicles and firecrackers, I’ve come to love the more dairy-based Cornettos and Magnums (reminiscent to me of the chocolate covered Mickey Mouse bars I enjoyed as a child.)  So when I found out that Magnum was […]

Let’s Bake and Lavender Shortbread

I can’t be the only person who considers the Great British Bake Off to be one of the highlights of my summer.  I’ve had rather a non-stop July when I seemed to be constantly running around.  The heat really doesn’t help, everything seems to take about ten times longer when you’re sweaty and I’ve become […]

Tropical Punch Layer Cookies

Most of my memories of summertime during my childhood is of sweet tastes and warm breezes.  My parents both worked full-time, which meant that I was enrolled in a variety of summer camps and summer activities.  Some of them may have been against my will (regardless of how much of a better swimmer I became […]

Review: The Dairy, Clapham

It’s slight surreal to realise that famous people eat.  I mean, on an intellectual level, I realise that they must have favourite foods or love to cook, but with the exception of cutting edge Jamie Oliver restaurants, it’s hard to imagine them out to eat.  So when Irish foodie Donal Skehan (known to some, mainly […]

Beach House Baking and Mint Chip Biscotti

August can be a bit hot and sticky in London.  I’m a bit disappointed that for a variety of reasons (primarily that we’re saving our vacation time for a family wedding in October and a long trip back to the US at Thanksgiving), we’re not going to be able to take a week’s beach vacation […]