Monthly Archives: July 2014

Samoa Buttercream Truffles

I think maybe it’s a Pavlov’s former Girl Scout response, but every so often, I just want to sit down and scarf some Girl Scout cookies (or a whole bag, but there’s a good reason that that one’s not an option for me!)  But since I am cut off from my lovely Girl Scout cookie […]

Malificent and Creme de Menthe Swiss Roll

My favourite Disney villain as a child was far and away Maleficent.  The villain of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, there was always something about her – her dignity, her grace, her sly-sense of humour – this was a woman without self-doubt or pity who enjoyed her role as “Mistress of all Evil.”  It seems I wasn’t […]

No Bake Baking and Sesame Snaps

London in the summer is not the hottest place on Earth – the many Australians I run into around here mock us for finding it a bit muggy!  But on a beautifully sunny day, the last thing you want to do is fill up your kitchen with a hot oven.  Luckily, renowned Irish food stylist […]

Chocolate Banana Cookies

Time for my summer cleaning.  Now, summer cleaning in my flat isn’t quite like most people’s.  I love looking at photos of bloggers’ kitchens and pantries, which all seem to be beautifully organised and to be custom-prepared for baking projects.  That’s definitely not true of my kitchen at all.  London is one of the most […]

Review: The Brasserie at the Tower Hotel

It was an absolutely beautiful Sunday in London – the kind of day where you just want to stroll in the sun.  The last thing I feel like doing on a hot day is spending time in the kitchen (but if someone could just make a fresh pitcher of lemonade and a platter of fried […]

Giveaway: Muy Bueno

One of the things I’ve noticed about the World Cup is that this year, it’s really brought into question people’s views on immigration – and for some reason, the American team in particular seems to be a lightening rod.  “I mean,” one work colleague said to me, “they’re all born in Germany or Norway, so […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Cookies

It’s a dreary, rainy day in London – particularly sandwiched as it is between some absolutely beautiful sunny days last week as well as the delectable forecast for next week.  I’m spending the afternoon planning my holidays for the rest of the year.  I realise how incredibly posh that sounds – “oh, yes, daaahling, I […]