Monthly Archives: June 2014

June in London

June has been an incredible non-stop flurry of foodie activity.  It’s probably inspired by the good weather – everyone wants to leave their house and go out and eat.  For my part, the lovely weather makes me feel a bit lazy: all I want to do is hang out on my couch and binge watch […]

Apple and Cinnamon Loaf Cake and A Girl Called Jack

This book is for anyone trying to feed themselves on a budget – so basically 99% of the population.  Jack Monroe came to prominence when writing her blog, A Girl Called Jack, which documented trying to feed herself and her son on the ridiculously small amount of money she received on benefits.  As a result, […]

Stuffed Mint Chip Brownies

It’s funny how American expats get really excited about the World Cup – by funny, I more mean irony, considering the general American attitude towards soccer.  With a few notable exceptions, the US tends to realise shortly before the World Cup that, “that’s right!  We do have a soccer team and they’re actually not bad […]

Eating in Jersey

One of my New Year’s resolutions this year was to see more of Britain.  I tend to be in the habit of making resolutions which I can actually keep (I don’t even contemplate thoughts of increased gym time).  As an expat, one of the things I tend to wax poetic about to those back in […]

Little Sweets and Bakes and Chocolate Banana Cake

Daniela Klein is a little unusual in the food blogging world.  In a world where American blogs still rule supreme, Klein is an unabashedly German food blogger, determined to put her own European spin on baking.  Little Sweets and Bakes has been translated from the original German and I would say the theme for this […]

Triple Chocolate Pop Tart Brownies

I have a confession to make – as a kid, I hated Pop Tarts.  Now, this might sound like a weird thing for someone who tends to bake with them fairly often, but when I was younger, I found them to be a really dry breakfast food – I almost always preferred a plate of […]

Hershey’s S’more Cupcake Mix (and being too tired to be a mum)

This cupcake mix came in handy on a day when I found myself sprawled on my kitchen floor and just had no interest in moving.  Do you ever have those days?  The days where you spend the them going from task to task, just getting things done, and by the end of it, you’ve lost […]