Monthly Archives: May 2014

Weekend in Asheville

A couple weeks ago, I did a quick weekend round trip down to Asheville, North Carolina, to attend a family birthday party.  Asheville, my ancestral homeland, is the largest city in Western North Carolina.  It’s also becoming a bit of an up and coming foodie place (to my grandmother’s dismay – she constantly tells me […]

Treat Petite and Matcha Macarons

I admit I am not an unbiased observer when it comes to Fiona Pearce.  When I attended the Foodies Festival in Clapham a couple years ago, she stood in for an instructor who was a no show and gave me some great advice on using cookie stamps on fondant – advice which I used for […]

Birthday Cake Bars

I’m kind of obsessed with birthday cake flavour.  Did you know that was even a thing in ice cream?  My local ice cream shop, The Creamery, has this amazing birthday cake flavoured ice cream that I’m obsessed with and even Breyers is getting in on the act. So I decided to use a couple birthday […]

The Other Woman and Chocolate Strawberry Brownies

There’s been a lot of discussion and debate about The Other Woman – the movie has presented itself as a revenge comedy about strong women, but has frustrated a lot of women due to its inability to even pass the Bechdel Test.  The plot is pretty basic – lawyer Carly (Cameron Diaz) is delighted with […]

Strawberry Lemonade Cupcakes and Trophy Cupcakes & Parties

Jennifer Shea’s Trophy Cupcakes & Parties is an unusual cookbook in that it is more of a comprehensive party planning book.  This isn’t really a surprise, since Jennifer Shea has admitted that she started with a love of party planning as well as a desire to make the perfect cupcake.  This means that along with […]

Stuffed Root Beer Brownies

A friend of mine recently described crisp sandwiches as “Irish marmite” – that people either love them or hate them with the fire of 1,000 suns.  It’s similar to root beer.  We go out to dinner quite a lot at my favourite American restaurant and one of the drinks served is root beer.  Myself and […]

Violet Macarons for Mother’s Day

British Mother’s Day and American Mother’s Day are two different days – (mine comes in May, while the British one is earlier in the year.)  So it’s hard to orientate my internal clock as to when exactly Mother’s Day is, but this year, I’m lucky enough to be spending some time at home with my […]