Monthly Archives: December 2013

Peppermint Sandwich Cookies and a very Merry Christmas

I’d consider myself pretty middle of the road when it comes to Christmas – I have a playlist of Christmas songs I like, but I do find the all Christmas carols all the time thing right around Christmas day to be incredibly crazy (of course, only in America would you find such gems of Christmas […]

Apple Cider Donuts and Wintersweet

It can be really easy to lose contact with the seasons here in London.  With the exception of the changing times of the sunset and the coldness of the precipitation, there aren’t a lot of indicators of the weather – I like to think of London as an earlier incarnation of Coruscant, the city which […]

Fondant Stamped Cookies

I can’t be the only person out there constantly coveting baking equipment, am I?  I’m a particular nerd for browsing the Williams-Sonoma Nordicware stuff – it all looks so delicious!  And on a particularly useful browse of Ebay, I came across these cookie stamps.  Now, I don’t really love the way cookie stamps can’t really […]

Banoffee Cookies

This came from a slight adaptation of these Banoffee Cupcakes I made from Peggy Porschen’s Cupcakes.  I loved the idea of doing a bit more banoffee, so I thought this would be a quick, easy cookie to whip together for the holiday season.  Christmas is definitely cookie time – I’m trying to throw together tins […]

Thor 2 and Chocolate Chip Scones

To call the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) popular would be a bit of an understatement.  Last summer’s The Avengers became the third most popular movie ever made and as a result, there’s been an incredible popular demand for the films featuring the individual Avenger characters – (except, of course, the femme fatale Black Widow – […]

Meringue Girls and Cherry Vanilla Meringues

Meringues wouldn’t obviously lend themselves to obvious ingenuity – it’s difficult to imagine how create you can be with a food which requires very specific food ratios.  But the Meringue Girls, designer caterers and food stylists, have made a business out of doing quirky and unexpected things with meringues.  Outside of certain upscale shops and […]

Cherry Cola Brownies

It’s been a bit longer than normal since I posted – I was actually away on holidays this week!  I find it to be hard to be away from my family on Thanksgiving (particularly since it’s not celebrated in Britain, I always feel a bit out of sorts).  But this year, my parents came to […]