Monthly Archives: November 2013

Peppermint Ice Cream Pie

I grew up obsessed with TCBY as a child – it’s far and beyond preferable to ice cream for me, and my mother claims I could always be reassured by some of their golden vanilla yogurt.  As a result, whenever I had a birthday, I always asked for a frozen yogurt pie for my birthday.  […]

Apple Cider Pumpkin Bread

I feel like pumpkin bread is quite a stereotypical recipe for a blogger to share at Thanksgiving.  But if it is, that’s fine with me – I tend to get incredibly homesick around Thanksgiving and this is a chance for me to whip up something traditional – something which reminds me of home. This is […]

The Compass Pub, Edinburgh

You might not know this, but I did my masters at the University of Edinburgh.  It was probably the shortest academic career I ever had – one year of a taught masters, but I really enjoyed this beautiful, ancient city, famous for its immersion in arts and culture.  However, since I was a bit busy […]

Salted Caramel Chocolate Cake

I was in Edinburgh this past weekend with my friends and we were enjoying the holiday beverages at Starbucks (my beloved salted caramel hot chocolate is sadly only available so long as supplies last!) and Beardy Bestie Fran remarked on how the salted caramel craze had hit America a few years ago and was still […]

Gok’s Wok review

I would be surprised if your first thought, when you think of Gok Wan, is of food.  The stylist is best known for his style show, How to Look Good Naked, which makes an effort to limit body shaming and celebrate positive body image.  But he was inspired to write a cookbook, Gok’s Wok, making meals […]

Ender’s Game and Movie Snack Cookies

The children’s fiction (although if it was written today, it would more likely fall under YA fiction) novel Ender’s Game was judged by many people (including me, when I first read it in 2001) to be unfilmable.  Part of that was the technology – complex battles between human teenagers, both in a cramped battle room […]

Oreo Brownies

There is something really lovely about a weekend to myself.  I know that sounds ridiculous, but until you’ve lived in a city centre flat (one freezing bedroom, one tiny sitting room and a bathroom with no soundproofing), you can’t possibly understand how nice it is to just have a bit of time to totally spend […]