Monthly Archives: October 2013

Candy Corn Cookie Bars

It’s a bit of an American cliche to be obsessed with Halloween – but I admit it, I am.  Every year, I buy a good bit of candy and am disappointed when no child actually arrives at my buzzer to trick or treat. So at least I have these amazing cookie bars, made with the […]

Cheeky Italian

Street food has become a big thing in the UK – backed by some major trend setters such as the Food Blogger Connect conference and the Food Network UK.  As a result, when I attended the Battersea Foodies Festival in August, the stall I was most impressed with was the delicious Cheeky Italian. The food […]

Pumpkin Spice Cookie Bars

Probably my favourite treat growing up was my mum’s 7 layer bars.  I haven’t shared that recipe yet – I’m saving it for a very special occasion, but I was inspired by Love from the Oven‘s variation on this classic treat (she’s really demonstrated how highly adaptable it is) and when I was able to […]

Great British Bakes and Ayreshire Shortbread

Y’all, I am obsessed with adapting recipes.  I know that sounds a bit odd – (of course I am, I’m a baking blogger!)  Baking blogging is more or less about how you change recipes to make them your own and enjoy working with different flavour combinations and ingredients.  You probably have the makings of a […]

Almond Butter Krispy Treats

This is another post which came out of Beardy Fiance’s hatred of peanut butter.  He has a vague dislike of all nuts, but I’ve (mostly) gotten him past it with almonds and (slightly) got him past it with cashews.  He looked up from a stir fry the other night and went “are there *nuts* in […]

Candy Corn Oreo Sandwiches

It would not be unfair to say I fairly heavily pressured my mother into picking some of these up.  She and my father were coming over for my birthday and I dropped heavy hints (sending her the Target page, dropping hints about how delicious they are) in order to get her to bring me over […]

Campfire Cuisine and Maple Syrup Scones

I should start with the strong disclaimer that I am SO not a camper.  I’m not even really a festival-goer.  Most of my workmates love to go to festivals and speak of them with a lot of affection – they tend to gloss over the long queues for the toilets, lack of showers and spending […]