Monthly Archives: August 2013

Peanut Butter Blondies with Reeses Cups

Why do you never see peanut butter with white chocolate?  I’ve been wondering about this.  I see loads of milk chocolate with peanut butter, but rarely dark chocolate and even more rarely with white chocolate.  So when my friend Nina pointed out to me that there were Reese’s peanut butter cups with white chocolate shells, […]

S’more Brownies

I love add-ins.  There is nothing so lovely to adapt your basic box mix into something a little bit offbeat and different – in fact, depending on what you add in, you can totally claim the recipe as your own!  I found that my mom had a box of this Betty Crocker brownie mix with […]

Ices and Ice Cream: Salted Caramel Ripple Ice Cream

Despite the size of London, there is one thing that it’s missing: a good ice cream parlor.  Maybe it’s because I grew up about five minutes away from The Woodside Farm Creamery, but there is something absolutely amazing about homemade ice cream, five minutes away from dairy cows, that just blows any other ice cream […]

Carrot Cake and a Giveaway

I tend to be opposed to the concept of carrot cake – it’s all veg (and I am ethically opposed to veg).  But one of my co-workers (a healthy lifestyle vegetarian, of course) requested a carrot cake for her leaving do. Obviously, as a good little co-worker, I had to oblige!  So I adapted the […]

Brown Butter and Cookie Butter Krispy Squares

Browned butter and cookie butter are both bone fide, certified, internet “things”.  I don’t think I can go more than a week without seeing one or the other on a blog I follow.  But as you may have gathered, it’s a bit harder to jump on internet bandwagons here across the pond.  But I was […]

Lemon Oreo Cheesecake

Apparently, I am obsessed with Oreos.  I don’t think that’s possible.  I mean, yes, I may have made Beardy Mum and Beardy Fiance stop at every single Walmart on the way to North Carolina.  That’s normal!  Every Walmart has different Oreo supplies and the website can’t really tell you which is where (it’s a great […]

What Katie Ate and Chocolate Coffee Merengues

What Katie Ate, by Katie Quinn Davies, is absolutely the most beautifully photographed cookbook I’ve ever seen.    The quality of the pictures of the food and the book itself is just breathtaking. Quinn Davies, an Irishwoman who emigrated to Australia with her Aussie husband, worked as a food stylist and a food photographer while writing […]