Food Blogger Connect (FBC5)

Last weekend, I sacrificed my sleep and my achy feet to volunteer with Food Blogger Connect 5!  Europe’s only specific-food blogging conference, it was amazing both for the content of the presentation as well as the opportunity to meet other bloggers.  Work started for us before all the attendees and speakers arrived, getting the venue nice and organised….  Myself, Claire Bakes and Hannah Jade called ourselves the three musketeers, since we spent the whole weekend getting everything neat and organised!

DSC_1074 DSC_1075

And then there was the food.  Oh, the food.  The one problem I would identify is that portions were really small – instead of feeling like I filled up on a proper meal, I was constantly snacking throughout the day (which probably wasn’t great for me.)

DSC_1077   DSC_1085

Dorshi Kitchen handmade their sushi and gyoza, in front of us, which was really interesting.  Although it clearly is a very involved process, it is nice to remember that it is do-able and likely something that I’ll eventually have a go at!

Probably of all the bloggers there, my favourites were Aoife Cox of the Daily Spud and Niamh Shields of Eat Like A Girl.  A lovely, bubbly lady, eager to talk about her enjoyment of food and travelling, Waterford native Niamh was a great example of an amazing creative long-term blogger willing to share tips of the trade with up and coming bloggers, while Aoife’s dry Irish humour on her blog translates incredibly well into a hilarious Kildare woman with a wonderful sense of photography.

DSC_1088Niamh educates us new bloggers up above!  More food was served as well, obviously.  The delicious Bev’s Cookies were brilliant (she made not only cookies inspired by various desserts such as strawberry cheesecake and tiramisu), but also milkshakes – the red velvet milkshakes were irresistible!

DSC_1089Probably my favourite savoury food from the whole StrEAT Party was the bhajia from Yummy Choo – I would have eaten them by the bucketful!

DSC_1093   DSC_1092

The lead sponsor for the conference was Greek yogurt producer Chobani and the Sunday morning, they produced the most amazing breakfast…pretty much ever!  It was eggs scrambled with Chobani yogurt on top of bacon and a bagel.  Absolutely delicious – and of course, they refused to give us the recipe.  So if anyone knows the best way to combine Greek yogurt and eggs, please do let me know!


I was also very excited to be able to attend the launch of the lovely Bethany Kehdy‘s new book of Middle Eastern cooking, The Jewelled Kitchen.  I’ve always been a bit nervous and skeptical of Middle Eastern cooking, but Bethany makes it really simple and accessible.  There will definitely be a review to follow on here!

indexBut the best part was meeting other lovely bloggers who are starting out or whose work I’ve always enjoyed – I can tell Emma from Adventures of a London Kiwi is going to be a good friend, Jane from The Hedge Combers is an insight into the crazy work of farm production,  Sally from My Custard Pie is just as lovely in person, Morgan from Peaches Please was a breath of international fresh air, visiting us from America and Ceri of Natural Kitchen, the MC, kept the whole thing ticking away on time.

I’d definitely recommend attending next year’s FBC14 if interested in learning more about blogging!


  1. Awesome write up! You secret squirrel volunteers did an amazing job, not sure I saw any of you sitting & chilling all weekend!
    Can’t wait to hang out again next year, bring it on!
    Janie x

  2. Hi Nick. So good to meet you – and would love to know how you managed to stay so damn cheery at all times. Even during the marquee moment…. Best of luck with the blog and look forward to catching up again next year…. x

  3. FABULOUS write up and it brought back happy memories of a friendly and warm weekend with like minded bloggers! Karen

  4. I’m SO glad we got to finally meet & yes, I suspect we have a lot more mischief to be organised! x

  5. I miss FBC5. I loved meeting new faces and eating all that great food. I have started putting into practice all the tips i learned over that weekend.

    1. I miss the popcorn! I ❤ Joe & Seph!

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