Hummingbird Cupcakes: Your Favourites

When I received my very own copy of the new Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, Home Sweet Home, I was really excited to see some new recipes that I recognised – including my all time favourite Hummingbird cupcake, the Eton Mess, but also the current “Favourites” Collection from the Hummingbird.  I was excited to review these daily specials, some of which I missed the first time around and some of which I really enjoyed.

Monday: Jaffa Cake Cupcakes

This is from the biscuit range this summer – I remember how much Beardy Boyfriend enjoyed this when it was initially released.  In addition to the mini Jaffa biscuit on top, the cake itself makes a kind of Jaffa biscuit, with a vanilla sponge hiding an orange marmalade centre.  While I wouldn’t recommend it to people like myself who hate orange (and therefore have no interest in Jaffa cakes!), if you enjoy Jaffa Cakes, you’ll really like this adaptation!


Tuesday: Pumpkin Cupcakes

Beardy Boyfriend originally thought that these were gingerbread cupcakes!  The cupcake itself tastes quite similar to the flavours found in an American pumpkin pie, with pumpkin puree and a combination similar to that found in pumpkin pie spice.
The pumpkin flavour isn’t too noticeable, so if you were hoping for a purely pumpkin flavour, you might be a bit disappointed, but it really is a tasty little cupcake.

2013-02-12 22.58.05

Wednesday: Black Cherry Cupcakes

This was probably the biggest disappointment to Beardy Boyfriend, who is a big fan of black cherry gateau.  After trying the cupcake, he thought for a minute and then said, “well, it’s not bad… There’s just something missing.”  After we both took a bite, it took awhile to identify it.  “Well…there’s no cream.”  Though there was a custard layer to the cupcake, I just really felt the absence of the cream, so I was a wee bit disappointed that the cupcake didn’t live up to its potential!

2013-02-07 22.48.50Thursday: Nutella Cupcake

Oddly, these cupcakes (pictured above) reminded me quite a bit of the Chocolate Bar range that the Hummingbird had previously offered – my biggest complaint with them had been they had primarily only been chocolate cupcakes with a slight variation – the Nutella cupcake was, in my opinion, quite similar.  Mainly chocolate with only a few hints of hazelnut.

Friday: Lemon Curd Cupcake

These were Beardy Boyfriend’s favourite.  The sweet tartness of them – he found them to be preferable to a lemon merengue.  It is worth noting, though, that these cupcakes do rely heavily on the taste of lemon curd, so if you are someone who can’t stand the taste of lemon curd, you will probably prefer to give it a miss.

2013-02-16 14.46.03

Saturday: Chocolate Malt Cupcake

I have a feeling that this has been changed from its original incarnation in the Shakes and Frappes range.  The previous incarnation (which was probably my favourite out of that collection) was a lot less chocolatey and focused on the malt.  This was much more influenced by malt ball candies, so you had less of a sense of milkshake and more of a sense of candy.  It’s quite nice for malt lovers!


Sunday: Peanut Butter Shake Cupcake

As I stated when reviewing this collection previously, I was a bit disappointed in the execution of this cupcake.  I love chocolate and peanut butter together (it’s not done enough in Britain!), but I wished they’d blended them together a bit better.  Not to toot my own horn, but I much preferred this cupcake recipe with chocolate and peanut butter I prepped for Cybercandy.  A great idea, and lovely if you’re in the mood for just a bit of peanut butter, but it probably won’t satisfy a true peanut butter craving!

2012-08-12 00.24.16

The Your Favourites collection is available at branches of The Hummingbird Bakery until the end of February.


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  1. Yum all those cupcakes look fab I so need to get my hands on a copy of ‘Home Sweet Home’ 😀

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