Chocolate Rosemary Truffles

I have long had a mixed relationship with Valentine’s Day – while I’ve remembered this year to send my mother a card (because after all, she’ll always be my valentine), I’m a little uncomfortable with the tacky commercial of the whole thing, as well as the idea that it romanticises this one kind of love and ignores all the other (thus why I have taken a page out of Leslie Knope’s book and spend Valentine’s Day out having fun with my girlfriends.)

But the one thing I have always loved about Valentine’s Day was the excuse to eat candy.  From school parties as a child, I love that chocolate and frosted cakes become widely available in shops during the first two weeks of February.  In fact, I remember on Valentine’s Day 2010, a good half a year before Beardy Boyfriend and I were dating, complaining to him about how all the lovely Marks & Spencers cupcakes were bought by men trying to impress their girlfriends – leaving little selection for someone who planned to spend the evening playing computer games while stuffing myself with delicious cupcakes!

As a result, my favourite way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to make sweets for all the people in my life who I love.  And I found that these chocolate and rosemary truffles were a ridiculously easy way to do that.  While they look and taste like you must have slaved away in the kitchen for hours, it’s actually a recipe that is very easy.  While there’s a lot of time required for the truffles to sit at various stages of preparation, time that you need to be actively preparing them is minimal – perfect if you’re busy and looking for a Valentine’s Day gift!

Chocolate and Rosemary Truffles (adapted from Saved by Cake)


150g dark chocolate

Fresh rosemary (I buy a packet at Sainsburys or Marks & Spencers – dried rosemary really wouldn’t work for this)

25g unsalted butter

160ml milk

DSC_0344Steam the cream in a saucepan with about 5 long springs of rosemary.  Once it’s steaming (not boiling), let the rosemaried cream sit for an hour or two to let it soak in the flavour of the rosemary.

Chop chocolate and butter into fine pieces and place in mixing bowl.


Heat the cream again.  When it has been steamed, put the cream through a sifter to separate the cream from the rosemary.


Mix the cream with the chocolate and butter.


Once it’s melted, place in the fridge overnight to set.  Lay about 5 springs of rosemary on top while chilling.

The next day, take out of the fridge.  Using a small ice cream scoop, scoop the truffles into a little ball shape.  Roll in coloured sugar (as I did, for proper V-Day effect!) or cocoa powder.

DSC_0357And then?  Present it to someone you love as a gift!  And feel smug for having made something so delicious!




  1. These look great! I’m also going to be going a Leslie Knope dinner with my girlfriends – just no stitched pillows of their faces!

  2. These sounds lovely and I love the pink sugar crystals 😀

    1. You are definitely a fan of the pink decorations!

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  4. […] Of course, if you don’t like chocolate pie (because you’re awful – chocolate pie is the best) and you’re looking for something delicious for Valentine’s Day, you could check out my red velvet whoopie pies or the chocolate rosemary truffles.) […]

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