Monthly Archives: February 2013

Hummingbird Cupcakes: Your Favourites

When I received my very own copy of the new Hummingbird Bakery cookbook, Home Sweet Home, I was really excited to see some new recipes that I recognised – including my all time favourite Hummingbird cupcake, the Eton Mess, but also the current “Favourites” Collection from the Hummingbird.  I was excited to review these daily […]

Butterscotch Pudding Cookies

Pudding cookies seem to be one of the new crazes in the blogging world and I’m no exception.  I’ve started training for the Flora mini marathon in Dublin, which has begun some intense workouts.  I’m trying to alternate running with toning exercises (which is killing me – I stretched muscles that I hadn’t used since […]

Gimme the Recipe and Lunchbox Cookies

After 5 years in Ireland and 2 years living with an Irishman, I have noted that the American foods I grew up with and loved are a far cry from traditional Irish food, or even foods which Beardy Boyfriend would eat as his own comfort food.  As a result, when the lovely Mercier Press sent […]

Lincoln and Oatmeal Krispy Cookies

I had long been excited about Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln – I’ve always been a massive history buff with a particular interest in the War Between the States.  Stemming from a childhood trip to Gettysburg, many viewings of the mini-series North and South and finally, a deep and abiding love of The Killer Angels.  My parents […]

Tiny Food Party and Mini Chocolate Eclairs

Teri Lyn Fisher and Jenny Park set out to solve the quandry of anyone who likes to throw parties, rather than hosting sit down dinners: how to prepare cute yet delicious finger food!  In their cookbook, Tiny Party Food, they’ve identified a gap in recipes for mini-foods which can be easily passed around on a […]

Chocolate Rosemary Truffles

I have long had a mixed relationship with Valentine’s Day – while I’ve remembered this year to send my mother a card (because after all, she’ll always be my valentine), I’m a little uncomfortable with the tacky commercial of the whole thing, as well as the idea that it romanticises this one kind of love […]

White Chocolate Funfetti Fudge

I am always disappointed that funfetti has been slow coming to London.  It’s coming, but it’s definitely being more slowly embraced.  Funfetti will always remind me of my sister (as for years as children, if we were making a homemade cake, she’d always lobby for the rainbow sprinkle frosting rather than my choice of chocolate […]