Monthly Archives: December 2012

Cookie and Cream Pudding Cookies

I loved the idea of these cookies when I saw them and I thought they would be a great food for this festive time between Christmas and New Years – in fact, I might bring a plate of them to a New Years Eve party (I’ve always thought that cookies and cream was very holiday […]

Gingerbread Oreo Snickerdoodles

Boxing Day (or Stephen’s Day, as Beardy Boyfriend would insist I call it) is not a holiday in America, and so there’s not the same level of traditions for it.  Personally, I use it as a relaxing day.  No work allowed, sleep late, laze around in my pajamas (for the second day in a row), […]

Christmas Magic Cookie Bars

It’s Christmas Eve today – I’m still desperately hoping against hope for a snow storm (although I know how unlikely it is!)  At the minute, it’s just falling down a bit lightly and I can smell the brownies I have in the oven.  I can think of nothing nicer than curling up in my childhood […]

Rise of the Guardians and Candy Cane cookies

As I write this, I’m snuggled up on the couch in front of the fireplace in my childhood home, with the fire crackling away.  I wish I could convince Beardy Boyfriend that we need a fireplace (although we might need to sacrifice the TV) and there’s something really lovely about watching Christmas themed movies with […]

Gingerbread Oreo Bark

It’s hard being away from my family in the lead up to Christmas – while most of my colleagues in the office can pop home for an afternoon or (at worst) a weekend, I have to wait for the one week I spend with my family at Christmas.  As a result, it’s hard to hear […]

Christmas Cupcakes from the Hummingbird

Any visitors to my blog will know how much I love The Hummingbird Bakery in London (their cookbooks are the most read books in my kitchen.)  It’s always convenient for me to stop by and sample their various Daily Special cupcakes (a tough job, but what can I say?  Someone has to do it) and […]

Pumpkin Spice Cookies

One of the traditional Christmas cookies in America (after all, today is the seventh day of Christmas!) are black-eyed susans (or, as other people call them, peanut butter blossoms).  This lovely peanut butter cookie is always finished with a Hershey Kiss in the middle.  But since Beardy Boyfriend has a hatred of all things nuts, […]