When we were in fourth grade, all the students had to identify our favourite food.  Mine was obvious: soft pretzels!  (Yeah, in retrospect, all my food loves come from growing up in Amish country.)

So when I posted this photo of my chocolate dipped pretzels, a Twitter friend of mine noted that she had an amazing recipe for soft pretzels.  I (quite creepily) begged her for it.
The results came from Rachel Allen’s Bake book and…I admit.  It was better than I thought it’d be!  We started with the basic ingredients:

White bread flour and brown bread flour (600g overall)

75g bicarbonate of soda

2 tbsps brown sugar

1 tsp yeast

1 tbsp vegetable oil

Odds are, if you’re a keen baker, you have most of this in the house!

So you start by mixing together all the dry ingredients then add in the vegetable oil and some warm water.

Obviously (being bread), it requires a good knead from Beardy Boyfriend and some time to rise.  Once it rises, you’re going to have to roll it out into a long thin roll of bread in order to properly shape it into a pretzel.

Once you shape it, you’re going to have to drop it into a bicarbonate of soda mixture to coat it in order to give it that unique pretzel taste.  Just a warning: this uses a LOT of bicarbonate of soda, so make sure you have a fairly full container of it on hand.

Heat the bicarbonate of soda and water mixture to a simmer (not quite a boil) before putting the pretzel dough in for a minute.

Once you’ve done that, you’re going to bake the pretzels for about 10 minutes (I did 8, but the verdict of both myself and Beardy Boyfriend was that it could have used a bit longer.)  Make sure you turn it over halfway through!

Finally, you’re going to want to melt some butter and brush the butter onto the pretzels, then adding a few salt crystals on top.

There were absolutely amazing, which has led me to believe that I need to get all my baking tips on Twitter!  Anyone else have any recipes for their favourite childhood foods?


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