The Great Fudge Debacle

So I absolutely LOVE fudge.  Not only that, but Beardy Boyfriend is a big milk chocolate fan, so when I found this recipe from Overtime Cook, I decided to give it a go today (I had both condensed milk and milk chocolate in the house.)

But then, once I cooked it, something happened: it didn’t set!

     While Beardy boyfriend still loved it, he had to eat it with a spoon!  So I am appealing to the blogosphere: why don’t you think it set?  Could use advice!



  1. So strange! Mine worked perfectly for me. Maybe it needed a higher concentration of chocolate?

    1. Will give it a try and get back to you. On the upside? A delicious hot fudge like topping!

      1. Cool! I am wondering if the type of chocolate I used was somehow denser than regular chocolate? Let me know how it turns out!

      2. Beardy boyfriend has suggested I might not have heated it hot enough, but didn’t think candy thermometer measuring was needed. 😦

      3. It shouldn’t need a thermometer! I have a feeling it was a proportion issue. Tweet me in a couple of hours when I’m home I’ll check the cOokbook.

  2. […] for those who saw my previous post on my fudge disaster, I’m sure you understood why this was burning me up inside!  Miriam’s recipe seemed so […]

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