Monthly Archives: July 2012

July Foodie Penpal and Peppermint Cupcakes

This month, I received my first foodie penpal package from the lovely Avril at Conkertree.  She included a whole range of goodies!  In the back, you can see the homemade strawberry jam (a favourite of Beardy boyfriend’s), tomato chutney (really excited to try with some brie!) and peppermint tea.  In front of that are some […]

Taste of Bangla

I’m not sure how familiar any of you are with the Tastecard scheme.  It’s great – you buy the card at the beginning of the year and for the rest of year, you can get discounts at restaurants (either 50% off or 2 for 1).  We bought one because we were a bit stuck in […]

Classic Swiss Fondue

Little known fact about me: as a teenager, I worked in a fondue restaurant.  In the interest of name checking, I will note that it was quite a lovely and posh fondue restaurant and one of our customers was none other than Joe Biden!  I can confirm that there’s no way that tan is natural…but […]


When we were in fourth grade, all the students had to identify our favourite food.  Mine was obvious: soft pretzels!  (Yeah, in retrospect, all my food loves come from growing up in Amish country.) So when I posted this photo of my chocolate dipped pretzels, a Twitter friend of mine noted that she had an […]

Day out in Clapham

So far I’ve been having trouble finding baking shops quite close to me.  Divertmenti only has branches in north London and John Lewis in in the West End and Stratford.  While I frequently utilise the TK Maxx in Wimbledon (most definitely my guilty pleasure), I’m always looking for specialised baking equipment near me.  So my […]

No Soup for You!

I admit, I have not always been the (semi – but improving) domestic goddess that I am today.  In fact, for my first few years of college, I did not cook.  At all.  Until my ex-boyfriend taught me a couple basics, including his amazing soup recipe and his basic red sauce.  The boyfriend was definitely […]

Loaves of Fun

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m quite partial to loaves.  Well, actually, scratch that.  Beardy boyfriend and his mates are quite partial to a cake which goes nicely with a cup of tea, which brings me to the obvious suggestion: a nice loaf.  Over the last week, I’ve made a couple based on recipes […]