Monthly Archives: June 2012

Hug in a Cake

So for this week’s Beardy Boyfriend Weekly Bake, I decided to try a recipe from Marian Keyes’ book, Saved by the Cake.  I bought this book for three reasons.  (1) Because she’s one of my favourite authors and an answer to everyone who says chick lit can’t be feminist!  (2) Because as someone who suffers […]

Lilac velvet? Not the same ring!

So I did a bit of experimenting today.  I’d seen a couple of good examples of red velvet cake being tinted a blue or green, and I had yet to use my new Lilac food colouring from Silver Spoon, so I gave it a tint.  The result? Not great, as you can see above, it […]

Red Velvet cake balls, Hummingbird style!

So I’ve been obsessed with this recipe from my favourite baking blog, Bakerella.  It’s always looked fairly amazing, but up until recently, I’d been disappointed with the red velvet cake recipes I’d used (no cake mixes here in London!).  But when Beardy Boyfriend discovered Red Velvet Cake from the Hummingbird Bakery, he insisted I make […]

Hello world!

In case you’re wondering what my inspiration was: here it is!  A pan of Nigella’s Lawson’s peanut butter squares which crackled when Beardy boyfriend attempted to cut them.  “Hmm”, I mused.  “The cookbooks I read never seem to give me helpful tips about waiting until the chocolate doesn’t crackle!”  And thus the inspiration for the […]